Specialist Locks

We have decades of experience with locks of all ages, styles or functions.

If your antique or specialist lock has jammed, is broken or otherwise not functioning as it should call us on 07762 478749 to arrange a fast and efficient call out throughout the York and Malton areas.

Our Locksmith can often repair locks if it is necessary, desirable or cost-effective. Heritage, antique and church locks can be serviced, stripped and examined, or adjusted.

It is becoming fashionable when renovating properties, to use old or stripped doors, to give character and style. No old door is complete without the correct old lock. Old locks are often thrown out when keys are lost or they no longer work. Many of these locks can be fixed and keys cut for them.

Old heritage and antique locks can be serviced, parts made, keys made etc. Flint Locksmith specialises in the conservation and restoration of such locks, broken keys and broken springs can be removed and replaced.

This service is available for individuals as well as conservation and heritage organisations.

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